Universal Design & Accessibility Supports

A-B Tech’s Distance Learning Support:

  • Designing courses with the tools set up in Moodle and Panopto have some built-in design concepts such as closed captioning & some accessibility tool tracking.
  • For further technical support & accessibility auditing, Distance Learning is available to assist by submitting a request through Track-it.


A-B Tech’s Professional Development Support:

  • Just in Time Faculty Resources (SharePoint/Professional Development/Faculty Development Resources) offers the presentation:
    • Universal Design for Learning
  • A Face-to-Face Course Series: Making Materials Inclusive with Universal Design, when scheduled with Darrin Evans, VLC Director PD Center, & may include:
    • Course ID: SKU-000975; Course Audits
    • Course ID: SKU-000974; Math Materials
    • Course ID: SKU-000972; PDFS
    • Course ID: SKU-000973; Word and PowerPoint
      NOTE: Darrin Evans makes himself available for faculty consult and may be reached by email at daevans3@waketech.edu or by phone (919) 866-5636.
  • LearnerWeb has the following training available at any time for staff/faculty:
    • Foundational Information:
      • Course ID: GEN-000087/Webinar: A Framework For Creating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility Initiatives Using Universal Design (note: an excellent overview with resources)
      • Course ID: AIC00012/On-Line Course: Teaching Techniques - Making Accessible Learning (note: more relative to K-12 systems, but some good general info)
    • Use of Technology/Equipment:
      • Course ID: AIC000276/On-Line Course: Creating Accessible Documents in Microsoft Word
      • Course ID: AIC000277/On-Line Course: Creating Accessible PDF (note: not recommended – too complicated & lengthy)


A-B Tech’s Support Services Recommended Resources:

  • NC 91 College System’s .
  • The US Dept of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) video series covers a variety of topics on digital access in education. Visit the to view all videos in the OCR series.
  • that may be used for private 91 and group instruction on universal design in education.